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Matthias Naeschke Gold Grandfather Clock – NL126GGB


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Annual Grandfather Clock in Empirical style.

Unique Timepiece which will perform for Generations

The last decade of the late 18th century was the time of the Empire. Gifted watchmakers such as Breguet, Berthoud or Janvier worked in France, to name just a few of the famous masters. During this time, they created extraordinary and complicated precision clocks, which today adorn the best clock collections and most important museums in the world. Typical of the Empire were the clear lines of the case and lavish decorations with bright fire gilding. Mahogany was often chosen as the case material.

Based on the style of the Empire and the clocks that have been handed down, Matthias Naeschke has designed this variant of the grandfather clock model NL 126 GG. The design of the case picks up on the elements of French clocks and transports them to the present day in a reduced form.

The clockwork of the grandfather clock NL 126 GG gleaming in rich yellow gold is something very special. This is a yearly runner with a 1 ¼ second pendulum. The 1.77 meter long pendulum swings quietly and with an unobtrusive ticking sound. The mass moment of inertia of this heavy pendulum of a remarkable 8.54 kgm2, which is decisive for the accuracy of the rate, is unique – in combination with a one-year runner.

Of course, such a grandfather clock needs a prominent place. It completes existing interior furnishings and is a functional home accessory in equal measure. If you give it the best place in the room, it becomes the focal point and expression of your personal sense of style.

If desired, a light band in the housing head can be switched on at dusk, which also sets the scene for the mechanics and bathes it in warm light.



  • Matthias Naeschke caliber 126
  • Running time: 365 days
  • Drive: Weight drive with pulleys distributed over two weight trains
  • Skeleton plates made of 4 mm hard brass with 4 pillars
  • All brass parts highly polished and gold-plated
  • Drives and shafts hardened and polished
  • Escapement: Resting Naeschke “Drops” lever escapement with round ruby ​​pallets
  • Rate regulator: 5-rod compensating pendulum with brass pendulum lens
  • Beat count: 1 ¼ second beater
  • 12 precision ball bearings, 6 ruby ​​bearings
  • Hand-engraved sterling silver numeral ring with Roman numerals
  • Blued steel Naeschke hands
  • Minute hand balanced


  • Cherry tree: black colour
  • Other woods and colours are available
  • Glass frames gold-coloured
  • Housing lacquer semi-matt
  • 3 faceted glasses


Height x width x depth: 210 x 45 x 23 cm


2 Years


Matthias Naeschke


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