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Matthias Naeschke Gold Table Clock – NT11GG


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Unique pieces that perform for generations

The philosophical maxim of Naeschke clockworks is to build the world‘s highest quality clocks through dedication to the finest design and timeless elegance together with the highest mechanical precision. That means realising new ideas with unprecedented designs handcrafted to perfection with a precision that no one else achieves. Only then can we speak of the vibrant and true art of clock-making. Only then one finds the assurance to acquire something extraordinary.

A modern interpretation of a classical timepiece

Table clock model NT 11  Gold (GG) is powered by two separate drive weights. This is the first time Matthias Naeschke have adapted their proven principle of dual drive weights to a table clock. This made it possible to produce a 7-day mechanism with very compact dimensions. The definitive advantage of the weight drive is a constant and uniform drive torque over the full 7-days, thus providing a very stable accuracy over the entire running period.

In a weight driven clock the maximum available drop of the weight defines its limitations. Here two weights are guided over beautifully shaped arms on the right and left at the top of the movement giving aesthetic form to the clock. But the further objective of the two arms is to achieve a maximum drop of height. Of course the torque delivered by the weights plays a crucial role in this timepiece. The two weights ensure that energy is very finely regulated as we attach great importance to minimise tolerances and friction losses.

Impressive technology meets classic design

In addition to its technical refinements, aesthetics also play a signature role. The table clock NT 11 is a total work of art of impressive technology and classic design. A blend that we feel fits very well into the present time.  The meticulous attention to detail can be inspected by the viewer who can verify that they have perfected even the smallest detail.

The large chapter ring of the table clock NT 11 GG is plated with frosted silver and provided with classic Roman numerals and minutes. The dark blued steel hands in stylised lily-form are typical of many of their models and combine for the elegant presentation of the dial. The mechanism is protected by a fully glazed canopy precluding dust but giving clear sight for inquisitive eyes.  The bright case base consists of olive burl, cherry wood and gilded metal inlays. Its elaborately polished lacquer competes with the gilded finish of the mechanism

Attractive home accessory and expression of genuine tradition

A table clock like this is a focal point, an attractive home accessory and an expression of genuine tradition. Aficionados of classical mechanics will appreciate the regular ritual of putting the beautifully made winding key on the precise square of the great wheel arbor and restoring the weights to run the clockwork for the next 7 days.

  • Power Reserve:  7 Days
  • Clockwork with Matthias Naeshcke dead-beat escapement
  • Compensation pendulum beating half seconds
  • Silvered chapter ring with a lithographic printing
  • Base of the case available in different types of wood with metal inlays and high-gloss varnish
  • Canopy with five bevelled glass panes and a front door
  • Height 45 x Width 30 x Depth 22cm

Also available in a Rhodium finish.


Warranty: 2 years




Matthias Naeschke


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