A magnificent wall clock is what will give your wall a complete look
Since their invention, clocks have been the most trusted keepers of time. However, one shouldn’t be fooled by a wall clock’s delicate mechanism, these clocks serve a deeper purpose than basic timekeeping. How a person perceives time, reads time and approaches time is meticulously portrayed in their choice of clock.

German Cuckoo clock was born with a vision to cater for those looking to express their moods and emotions in this digital age.

Embellishing walls with an elegant wall clock can give any home, room or office a perfect look. Like paintings and lanterns, a wall clock is also classified as a wall adornment, but this particular wall adornment is the most useful and essential to possess. Whether you’re waiting for the time to pass in the office, living room or kitchen, a wall clock will help you stick to your schedule, such as an important deadline, your favourite show or making sure the dinner you’ve just put in the oven is perfectly cooked.

At the German Cuckoo Clock Nest, we get you. Our range of Australia wall clocks online are available in the best and most unique styles to make sure you find something that suits you and your decor.

As well as wall clocks, we offer various other clocks that are convenient and suitable for your room design. We’ve arranged our wall clocks to allow our customers to choose as per the interior, purpose or style of wall clock they had in mind. Chiming wall clocks or pendulum wall clocks – we have everything and any kind of wall clock you could ever need.

Have a look at the following varieties of wall clocks we offer online in Australia that that are now available in our online shop:
Regulator Wall Clocks
A decent regulator wall clock boasts different peculiarities, such as their wall-mounted design and the weight-driven, swaying pendulum timepiece, which were invented in the late eighteenth century to enhance the accuracy of spring-wound wall clocks. These wall clocks customarily have separate mechanisms for the minute and hour hands and can be set using the nut at the bottom of the pendulum.
Contemporary Wall Clocks
A house demands fancy ornamentations once filled with the latest furniture,  and a contemporary wall clock is one of the most simple and functional ways you can enhance your interior.

The blend of quality craftmanship and the ability to seamlessly fit into any space is what makes a contemporary wall clock. With fresh styles available, these buy wall clocks online are made keeping in mind the various decor needs and evolving tastes of those who like a bit of flair in their home.
Skeleton Wall Clocks
An extended carved wall or a room filled with sleek furniture will require a piece with a more minimalist design, such as a shear wall clock. The skeleton wall clock not only takes up limited space, but it looks stylish and is exceptionally durable.

These metal wall clocks are also available with various perks, such as a pendulum and the function to be fully wound.

Now that you know the various types of wall clocks available, buy the wall clock that caught your eye! We assure quality products that complement your space and keep ticking for years.

Below given are some commonly asked questions many have while looking to buy a wall clock online in Australia:
What should I consider before purchasing a wall clock?
A clock not only presents the time, but it is a decorative element for the wall. That being said, you should never overlook the factors that are important to you and your needs before purchasing a wall clock. Be mindful that you are considering the placement, room decor and size of the wall clock before making a final decision.
How to set the regulator on a wall clock?
The bottom of the pendulum has a nut that can be used to set the wall clock. You can speed up the wall clock by tightening the nut, while the vice-versa will slow it down.
Can I overwind a wall clock?
It is almost impossible to overwind a wall clock as once the coils of a flat mainspring get into firm contact with one another, the spring cannot be set further. However, it can be ruined if it is turned so tightly that the springs break.