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Swiss-made quality watches have been ROAMER’s distinctive trademark ever since the company’s founding in 1888.

Each facet of the Swiss watch brand epitomises quality: design and engineering, choice of suppliers and materials, production and services for customers and partners.
The precise Swiss movements that animate ROAMER’s watches embody uncompromising meticulousness, while carefully selected compositions of long-lasting materials in harmonious shapes express sensitivity and a timelessly enduring character.  Every ROAMER wristwatch conveys a sensual feeling of freedom and can accompany its owner as a reliable timepiece on all occasions, ably serving its functions and adding another dimension to each precious moment in life: QUALITY TIME.
Only through a full control of the production and assembly line, is Roamer capable to produce such a high quality timepiece for an unbelievable price point. All watches are designed, tested & produced in Switzerland in our Manufacturing facility in sunny Ticino, Switzerland.
Alongside the Production, Roamer has built a state of the art quality control team to ensure a premium service for our customers. Each Roamer of Switzerland undergoes a series of rigorous testing, only then will a Roamer watch be released to our Customers.
  • Roamer Aphrodite (Black Mother of Pearl) – 600843-41-59-50

  • Roamer Aphrodite (Blue Mother of Pearl) – 600843-41-49-50

  • Roamer Aphrodite (White Mother of Pearl – Rose Gold Accents) – 600843-49-19-50

  • Roamer Aphrodite (White Mother of Pearl) – 600843-41-19-50

  • Roamer C-Line Automatic (Black & Blue Tone) – 672661-40-45-60

  • Roamer C-Line Automatic (Black & Silver Tone) – 672661-41-55-60

  • Roamer C-Line Automatic (Black) – 672661-40-55-60

  • Roamer C-Line Gents (Black & Rose Gold Tone) – 657833-49-55-60

  • Roamer C-Line Gents 30mm (Black & Rose Gold Tone) – 658844-49-35-61

  • Roamer C-Line Gents 40mm (Black & Rose Gold Tone) – 653833-49-35-61

  • Roamer C-Line Ladies (White & Rose Gold Tone) – 657844-49-25-60

  • Roamer C-Line Ladies (White & Silver Tone) – 657844-41-25-60