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Maxima Secunda

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The Maxima Secunda clock is part of the manufacturer’s precision clock series, sharing the same features as its smaller counterparts. It boasts a 1.5-second pendulum, making it highly accurate. To achieve this precision, it uses a temperature-compensated Invar pendulum with air-pressure compensation. The gear wheels are carefully crafted and gold-plated. It employs a Graham escapement with a 20-toothed escape wheel to prevent the weight from descending prematurely, aided by adjustable pallets in the pallet lever. The pendulum body is designed in the classic double cylinder style.


• Case: Black varnish with macassar cassette and metal inlays; Base illuminated (optional equipment)

• Crystals: ESG mineral glass, affixed on a mitre

• Movement: Sattler Calibre 3000

• Power Reserve: 30 days

• Drive: Weight 26 kg with pulley with ball bearings

• Oscillator: Invar pendulum Ø 20 mm, temperature and air-pressure compensation, twin barometer

• Ball Bearings: 16 units made of stainless steel, screwed-in and gold-plated ball bearing cover

• Jewels: 4 units in gold-plated, screwed-in chatons, 2 agate anchor pallets

• Dial: Ø 57,6 cm, anodised

• Hands: Blue steel hands, domed by hand

• Beat rate: 2.400/h = 40/min

• Height: 3 m, width: 82 cm, depth: 37 cm

• Weight: approx. 350 kg

• Made in Germany

• 2 Year Warranty

•This piece will be handmade for you and delivery may be up to 3 months.


Erwin Sattler


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