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The Monasterium Wall Clock No. 11

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The Monasterium No. 11  model is a wall clock with a totally iron bell regulated by a handwheel and operated by means of weights. It is made by hand like the Gothic clocks of the 15th century.

This clock has a vane escapement system and is regulated by means of a handwheel positioned just below the bell.  It is one of the first invented of its time and has a peculiarity that other clocks do not have … it is not adjustable! It is not an accurate time keeper, rather it is a mechanical piece with a very advanced technology for the XIV-XV centuries. It is the first mechanical way of measuring time, which gives it a medieval historical character.

Everything is made by hand and the materials used are exactly the same as those used at the time: iron, bronze, steel and wood.

Only the hour hand appears on this watch, since the minute hand did not exist until after the 15th century.

This type of clock called a “chime” chimes every hour.

The bell of this clock is a very special piece since it is manufactured using a technique in danger of extinction, notching . The carver’s job is to shape a sheet metal with his own physical strength. It consists of clamping the iron plate and rotating on a lathe and, with the clockmaker’s own physical force, “carving” it, giving it shape, until the bell is formed.

Placement of the wall clock with bell regulated by steering wheel.

1. Secure a screw two meters above the ground, giving it a diagonal inclination so that the clock is always perpendicular and parallel to the wall. 

2. Make sure the weight cord is properly seated in the groove of the wooden drive pulley.

3. Tie the large weight on the left and the small weight on the right. 

Start-up of the wall clock with bell regulated by steering wheel

Pull the large weight up to the top, pulling the rope from the right down. The clock will start immediately.

To set the clock, the hand will always be turned to the right.


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