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Matthias Naeschke Longcase Clock NL126RH Rhodium (RH)


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Unique pieces that perform for generations

The philosophical maxim of Naeschke clockworks is to build the world‘s highest quality clocks through dedication to the finest design and timeless elegance together with the highest mechanical precision. That means realising new ideas with unprecedented designs handcrafted to perfection with a precision that no one else achieves. Only then can we speak of the vibrant and true art of clock-making. Only then one finds the assurance to acquire something extraordinary.

A year-running longcase clock in the French Empire style

The last decade of the 18th century was the ‘Empire’ stylistic period. Gifted clockmakers in France such as Breguet, Berthoud or Janvier – some of the great masters of this time – were employing their exquisite clockmaker’s skills.

At this time extraordinary and complicated precision clocks were created which now enhance the pre-eminent clock collections and most important museums in the world today. Typical of the Empire period were the clean lines of the case together with lush, fire-gilded decorations and fittings. Flame Mahogany was frequently chosen by the case makers.

This variant of the longcase clock model NL 126 Gold (GG) is based on traditional French Empire period themes. The design of the case engages the stylistic elements of the French clocks and distils them in reduced form to the present time. With a rear panel of beautifully grained West African Pyramid mahogany together with the colouring in the typical red brown of that era, this longcase clock radiates warmth and security.

Warm brown meets classic yellow gold

The movement of the longcase clock NL 126 is quite special. This clock is year running with a 1¼ second pendulum. With its unobtrusive ticking, the mass moment of inertia of this 1.77m heavy pendulum is a considerable 8.54 kgm2 and in combination with its year running power reserve is decisive for the accuracy of this unique clock.

Such a significant clock is worthy of a prominent place as it satisfies the final expression of interior furnishings and functional living. In the focal point of the room, it adopts the heart and final representation of the owner’s personal style.

A discreet lighting unit in the housing head can be turned on at dusk, enhancing the precision clockwork mechanism with its warm light.

The cabinet of the NL 126 Rhodium (RR) is styled in a very conservative manner. The front door possesses a full-height pane of bevelled glass providing a full and free view of the interesting technology within. Inlays from mother of pearl and ebony in the cabinet rear wall set small points of sheen which enhance the compulsion of this clock in drawing the viewer into its spell.

  • Power Reserve:  1 Year
  • Clockwork with Matthias Naeshcke dead-beat escapement
  • Compensation pendulum beating 1 1/4 seconds
  • Hand-engraved chapter ring of sterling silver
  • Case made of cherry wood with inlays
  • Three bevelled glass panes
  • Height 210 x Width 45 x Depth 23cm


2 years warranty.


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Gold (GG), Rhodium (RH)


Matthias Naeschke


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