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Flying Pendulum Clock Clausen Brass No. 18

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Flying Pendulum Clock Clausen Brass No. 18

The Clausen Oro model is a centrifugal escapement table clock with a wooden body and a gold-colored brass dial. It is a model inspired by the original invented by Alder Christian Clausen in 1883 in Connecticut, USA.


It is equipped with a spectacular exhaust system, made up of an arm that carries a thread and a weight, and in which the centrifugal force intervenes.

This clock is activated by a steel spring and is fully mechanical.

Since its invention it has been admired more for its ingenious mechanism than for its time precision.

Start-up of the golden table centrifugal clock

Wind the watch by always turning the crank counterclockwise, as far as it will go. The clock will start immediately and the exhaust system will return to normal in no time.

Try not to place the watch in any air current as this will greatly affect its running.

Regulation of the golden table centrifugal clock

The regulation of this watch is achieved by varying the length of the thread from which the balls hang. This is done by turning the thread spool one way or the other. The longer the thread, the slower the clock runs and vice versa.

Dimensions of clock: 35.5 cm high x 17 cm wide x 21 cm deep.

Made in Spain and is sold with a 2 year warranty.


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