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Opus Metallica 100


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Introducing the Opus Metallica 100, the newest precision pendulum clock from the renowned Erwin Sattler manufactory in Munich.

At its heart lies the newly developed calibre 2005-M, a movement crafted with meticulous attention to detail and utilizing the finest materials. With this exceptional craftsmanship, the clock achieves an impressive accuracy of 3-4 seconds per month and boasts the alluring complication of a moon phase display.

Drawing on over 35 years of expertise in designing and crafting high-precision pendulum clocks, the 5/6 second pendulum movement of the Opus Metallica 100 ensures a power reserve of 28 days, guaranteeing reliable and accurate timekeeping.


• Case: Black varnish with hand–polished cassette, Black varnish with hand–polished carbon-cassette, Rim and base with metal inlays

• Crystals: Anti–reflective mineral glass, affixed on a mitre

• Movement: Sattler calibre 2005-M

• Power Reserve: 28 days

• Drive: Weight 3.500 g tungsten with pulley

• Oscillator: Invar pendulum Ø 8 mm, temperature and air-pressure compensation with twin barometer

• Ball Bearings: 8 precision ball bearings

• Jewels: 6 pieces, 2 agate anchor pallets

• Dial: Anodised, two-parts, Arabic, hand-painted moon disc,

• Hands: Hand polished steel hands

• Beat rate: 4.320/h = 72/min

• Height: 105 cm, width: 27 cm, depth: 14 cm

• Weight: 17 kg

• Made in Germany

• 2 Year Warranty

•This piece will be handmade for you and delivery may be up to 3 months.


Erwin Sattler


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