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Matthias Naeschke Table Clock NT6 Retro


Oversized escape wheel brilliantly staged

Matthias Naeschke have incorporated all of their clock making skills and their penchant for extraordinary creations into the NT 6 “La brillante” table clock. Clear lines, modern materials and a timeless and classically designed movement combine this clock.

Timepiece with great attention to detail

The escape wheel has a truly brilliant appearance in this table clockwork. Oversized in diameter and stored in the centre of the skeletonised plates, it fills almost the entire movement. Together with the anchor and half-second pendulum, it is clearly visible and does its job of dividing the spring-driven drain of the gear train into small portions. Since a clockwork never consists of only one wheel, all other wheels of the gear train are stored in a bridge between the main plates. The mechanics, which run for fourteen days, are handcrafted with great attention to detail and perfected by a galvanic coating of rhodium or yellow gold.

The deep ruby ​​red of the jewels sets a colour accent and is also an indication of absolute durability. Delicate pear hands blued over the flame glide over a fine, blackened number ring with Roman numerals. The “La brillante” is mounted on two columns, which like the base are made of black anodised aluminium. This timepiece is protected from dust – but not from prying eyes – by a solidly constructed glass lintel with five faceted glasses. The NT 6 “La brillante” is a clock that is able to inspire and as you are used to from their exclusive factory – let new thoughts appear in a classic guise.

Retrograde second as an optional feature

A special addition to the NT 6 table clock collection is a retrograde second, which is available for the models NT 6 “La brillante” and NT 6 “La Gracieuse”. Controlled by a cam, a special lever in the clockwork is raised. By means of a deflection mechanism, it drives an additional pointer between the fastening pillars of the factory.  This pointer travels through 90 ° in one minute before jumping back and tackling the next 60 seconds.

Unique pieces that perform for generations

The philosophical maxim of Naeschke clockworks is to build the world‘s highest quality clocks through dedication to the finest design and timeless elegance together with the highest mechanical precision. That means realising new ideas with unprecedented designs handcrafted to perfection with a precision that no one else achieves. Only then can we speak of the vibrant and true art of clock making. Only then one finds the assurance to acquire something extraordinary.

  • Power Reserve:  14 days
  • Clockwork with Matthias Naeschke dead-beat escapement
  • Indication of retrograde seconds
  • Compensation pendulum beating half seconds
  • Black chapter ring with a lithographic printing
  • Base of the case made of black anodised aluminium
  • Canopy with five bevelled glass panes and a front door
  • Height 45 x Width 32 x Depth 25cm

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Matthias Naeschke


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