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Matthias Naeschke Table Clock NT 8


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Unique pieces that perform for generations

The philosophical maxim of Naeschke clockworks is to build the world‘s highest quality clocks through dedication to the finest design and timeless elegance together with the highest mechanical precision. That means realising new ideas with unprecedented designs handcrafted to perfection with a precision that no one else achieves. Only then can we speak of the vibrant and true art of clock-making. Only then one finds the assurance to acquire something extraordinary.

This clock sets rose gold accents

With the table clock NT 8 Matthias Naeschke set radiant rose gold accents in the shape of the classic 8-day. This clock – incidentally the first table clock from the German clockworks in rose gold – catches the viewer’s eye because of its exceptional colour – but also due to numerous technical refinements and artisan expertise. Here, especially note the small separation of the wheels between the main plates of just 21mm.

Thus, the NT 8 is one of the slimmest skeleton clocks ever made. This became possible by an ingenious three-piece barrel structure in which a very small mainspring is inserted directly into a section of the large main wheel. Looking at the movement from the side, it would be easy to believe there is no barrel needed in this movement.

Finest mechanics shine in rose gold

The escapement of the clock movement is dominated by a typical, large Naeschke escape wheel and circular ruby pallets. Delicate flame-blued hands, sawn and polished by hand, glide over a chapter ring with the finest hand engravings made of pure sterling silver. Two precision ball bearings and four large ruby jewels on the gear train are in charge for optimum power transmission and friction reduction. A 5-rod compensation pendulum quietly beats the half-seconds, nicely framed behind the movement. This is the first time in a Naeschke clock that rose gilding is employed and its colour harmonises perfectly with the silver dial and columns.

Harmonic combination of form and material

In the case design the classical method and the craftsmanship of a mouth blown glass dome is used, which was created especially for this clock by old glass work masters. It protects the movement not only from dust and environmental influences but equally supports the delicate presentation of this fine timepiece. The unusually shaped base of the NT 8 table clock is made of walnut and provided with silver metal inlays.

The colour of walnut is not changed by staining. Rather, a colourless, high gloss clear polished varnish is applied to protect the character of the wood. Its natural colour is thus even more effective and harmonises perfectly with the rose gold of the movement. The winding key is kept in a small drawer in the walnut base and is easily accessible for the weekly ritual of winding the clock.

Technical Specifications:

  • 8 day spring drive Clockwork with resting Naeshcke “Drops” lever escapement with round ruby pallets.
  • 5 rod compensating pendulum with brass pendulum lens.
  • 5 ruby bearings and 2 stainless precision ball bearings.
  • Skeleton plates made of 4mm hard brass with 3 pillars.
  • All brass parts (except for the silver-plated pillars) gilded with rose gold.
  • Drives and Shafts hardened and polished.
  • Blued steel hands and Rose gold plated bezel.
  • Chapter ring made of solid 925/000 silver with hand engraved roman numerals.
  • Base of walnut wood with metal inlays and high gloss clear lacquer. Key compartment in the base front.
  • Mouth blown glass case
  • 2 solid, multi-part columns for fastening the movt.
  • Levelling screws on all four corners of the base.
  • Height 45 x Width 32 x Depth 25cm
  • 2 years warranty.




Matthias Naeschke


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