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Flying Pendulum Clock Clausen White No. 13

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Flying Pendulum Clock Clausen White No. 13 – This wooden table clock is a model inspired by the original invented by Alder Christian Clausen in 1883 in Connecticut, USA.

It is made with a spectacular escapement system, constituted by an arm which pulls a thread and a small weight, in the movement of which the centrifugal force plays an essential part.

The regulation of this clock, must be done by varying the length of the thread.  This must be done by turning the thread reel one way or the other.  The longer the thread is, the slower the clock runs.

See how it works:  Flying Pendulum Clausen No 13 movie

Made in Spain – 2yr warranty.

Dimensions of clock: 35.5 cm high x 17 cm wide x 21 cm deep.



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