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Rotalis 60

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The Rotalis 60 consists of 60 individually programmable drives and is a masterpiece of precision mechanics, and electronics. It resembles two modern flat screens, with two 18 mm thick armored glass panels safeguarding the hidden treasures within. These treasures are revealed only in the glow of the up to 100 LED lamps housed within.

The decorative panel in the center allows for customization of the watch winder with various polished fine wood finishes like walnut, maple, black with metal inlays, or carbon. A fingerprint reader is located next to the casing. When an authorized person scans their finger , the two heavy safety glasses move up and down simultaneously, revealing a view of the 60 watch winders containing valuable timepieces.

Alternatively, the Rotalis 60 can also be opened by remote control. Thanks to the Sattler Beluwo® watch winder technology, each of the 60 electric motors can be precisely controlled in terms of speed and direction of rotation. Data from over 7,000 different automatic wristwatches can be transmitted directly from the enclosed database to the watch winder from any PC via WLAN.

Additionally, there’s space for up to 48 hand-wound watches or other precious items like rings, chains, or cufflinks.


• Case: Stainless steel, choice of panel, LED illumination

• Crystals: Four-layer safety glass (the glass panels open electrically after identification by smart interface or via fingerprint reader or with the including key, you can find the lock behind the sliding panel at the right side)

• Movement:

• Power Reserve:

• Drive: 60 high-power motors

• Ball Bearings: 180 stainless steel precision ball bearings

•Power supply: 110 – 230 V

Winders: 60 precision watch winders, individually programmable via WLAN, 12 o’clock position

• Height: 200 cm (with extended panes 238 cm), width: 145 cm, depth: 20 cm, Narrower version available on request: Width: 120 cm with space for 24 manual winding watch cushions

• Made in Germany

• 2 Year Warranty

•This piece will be handmade for you and delivery may be up to 3 months.


Erwin Sattler


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