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Rotalis 24

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Twenty-four individually programmable watch winders run reliably behind safety glass, ensuring that the wristwatches placed in them are gently and appropriately powered according to their models.

A concealed fingerprint scanner provides the highest level of security, allowing the glass panels to be opened only by authorized users.

The Rotalis 24 is striking with its panel made of natural old wood, complemented by stainless steel and mirrored glass panels that enhance its modern appearance. The black dials of the two instruments (barometer and thermometer) and the illuminated central clock further emphasize its premium quality.

Thanks to its compact design, the Rotalis 24 can be installed almost anywhere, whether in offices or private living areas. This watch winder from the Gräfelfing manufacturer adds value wherever it’s placed.


• Case: Stainless steel, natural old wood panel, LED illumination; Integrated in the panel: Thermometer, Barometer, Navis quartz with illumination, all with a black dial, behind the lower flap, standard equipment: 2 compartments for 4 hand-winding watches each

• Glass Panes: Safety glass (the glass panels open electrically after identification by smart interface or via fingerprint reader or with the including key, you can find the lock behind the sliding panel at the right side)

• Drive: 24 precision motors

• Ball Bearings: 144 precision ball bearings

• Power Supply: 110 – 230 V

• Winders: 24 precision watch winders, can be programmed individually via WIFI, 12 o’clock position

• Height: 88.5 cm (or 127 cm when the glass panel is extended), width: 120 cm, depth: 20 cm

• Weight: 125 kg

• Made in Germany

• 2 Year Warranty

•This piece will be handmade for you and delivery may be up to 3 months.



Erwin Sattler


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