Grizzly Bear Stein .75L – 956


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King Stein

The Grizzly Bear:

It is one of the most fascinating but also frightening predators on earth. Grizzlies stand up to eight feet tall when standing upright. Despite their weight of approx. 400 kilos, they are very agile, talented and also very gifted in learning.

This full relief mug depicts grizzly bears in their natural environment.

A grizzly in the well-known, frightening, roaring and at the same time upright roaring manner forms the main motif of the mug.

The side motifs show grizzlies catching salmon in front of a waterfall or a mother showing her young how to behave in the water.

A very special mug for the discerning collector and nature lover.

Relief pitcher, hand-painted.

  • Height: Approx. 28 cm
  • Content: 3/4 liters
  • Limited edition of 10,000 pieces worldwide.
  • Individual, consecutive numbering.
  • With genuine pewter lid.
  • Certificate of Authenticity.



King Stein

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