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Troja Lunaris M (with integrated watch winder and safe)

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The Troja Lunaris M precision pendulum clock comes with integrated watch winders and safe.

A hidden safe is nestled within the base of the case, providing space for various treasures. To utilize the extra space, 16 remotely extendable watch winders have been integrated into the rear part of the case. In collaboration with its technology partner Beluwo®, the manufacturer has developed new, spacious wristwatch holders that accommodate larger timepieces. Each holder features its own precision motor and can be individually programmed via a smart interface accessible from any smartphone or tablet.


• Case: Black varnish with metal inlays; Black varnish with macassar cassette and metal inlays; requires wall mounting at the dial height, Door with magnetic closure

• Crystals: Bevelled mineral glass

• Movement: Sattler calibre 1915

• Power Reserve: 30 days

• Drive: Weight 4,500 g with pulley with ball bearings

• Oscillator: Invar pendulum Ø 12 mm, temperature and air-pressure compensation, 5 aneroid capsules with air pressure display in mm/Hg

• Ball Bearings: 9 precision ball bearings

• Jewels: 6 in chatons, 2 agate anchor pallets

• Dial: Silver-plated, hand-painted moon disc, cutaway in seconds dial, visible escapement (Graham), date and day display

• Hands: Blue steel hands, domed by hand

• Base: Clock base with safe

• Winders: 16 precision watch winders, sideways extendable, individually programmable via WLAN, 16 high-power motors, 12 o’clock position

• Beat rate: 3.600/h = 60/min

Safe Dimensions: Ext.dimension: H/B/T 610/405/340 mm, Int. dimensions: H/B/T 504/312/221 mm, Doorway: H/B 504/265 mm. Weight: aprox. 110 kg

• Height: 218 cm, width: 48 cm, (watch winders extended: 70 cm), depth: 39 cm

• Weight: 240 kg

• Made in Germany

• 2 Year Warranty

•This piece will be handmade for you and delivery may be up to 3 months.


Erwin Sattler


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