Engstler Heidi’s Chalet Mantel Cuckoo Clock – 403310QM


Beautiful Heidi Chalet mantel cuckoo clock.

  • Can be wall mounted or free standing. (Wall mounting bracket included)
  • Automatic night shut off
  • Three settings:¬†Cuckoo and music, cuckoo with no music, silent
  • Features 12 alternating songs on each hour: Cuckoo Waltz, Bavarian Folk Dance, Mill in the Black Forest, Woodchopper, Happy Wanderer, Drink Brother Drink, In Munich there is a Hofbrauhaus, For Elise, Lorelei, Home Sweet Home, Clementine and Hello LoveVolume Control, articulated cuckoo bird
  • Dimensions: 22 x 24 x 16cm



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