4275QM HZZG Apres Ski Cuckoo Clock


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For the keen skiier who loves the snow, this cuckoo clock is made just for you.

Made in Germany in the Black Forest, this hand made clock features a quartz musical movement (3 x C cell batteries) which cuckoos on the O’clock and plays 12 different musical tunes which include: ¬†Happy Wanderer, Edelweiss, Dr. Zhivago, Swan Lake, He was beautiful, Lorelei, Home sweet home, Sound of silence, Clementine, The Entertainer, Love theme of the movie, For Elise.¬† The clock features an automatic night off, which means the clock is silent when the room is dark.

This clock is made from wood featuring a wooden dial, wooden hands, beautifully turned ornamental wooden weights and an Edelweiss pendulum.

Two beautifully crafted and handpainted skiiers are featured on the clock along with Edelweiss either side of the filigree balcony.

Clock Dimensions are: 25 cm high x 25 cm wide x 16 cm deep.

This clock comes with a 1 year warranty.




Trenkle Uhren

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