Hekas Oompah Band Cuckoo Clock – 3741-8T


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This 8 Day Cuckoo Musical Clock features a traditional music group in a ‘Biergarten’ setting. The dancing figures on the stage in the foreground and in the house move on the hour. The trees in the background are hand carved and painted and the cuckoo calls on the full and half hour.

  • Type: Authentic Black Forest Cuckoo Clock
  • Tunes: The music plays every half and full hour and the melody changes between the Happy Wanderer and Edelweiss.
  • Origin: Made in Germany
  • Dimensions: 63cm h x 47cm w
  • Warranty: 2 years

HEKAS manufactures a full range of Black forest clocks that bear the seal of the Black Forest Clock Association (VdS), guaranteeing the origin, quality and the traditional mechanical movement from the Black Forest.



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