Mechanical Skeleton Wall Clock Silver – H308


These mechanical wall clocks with pendulum and weight strike discreetly after 1 hour with a ping on a fine bell. The indexes on the mineral glass and the black hands provide high-contrast. The 8-day baton movement is driven by a weight that is hung on a chain. At the end of the pendulum, the fine adjustment is made by means of a regulating screw. Thus, the noble home clocks from the clock factory AMS retains its classic charm with audible tick-tock. This system also does not require batteries or electricity – a technique of great clockmaking art.

  • 8 day chain baton movement
  • Visible Räder movement
  • 1 strike on bell on the hour
  • Mineral glass
  • Dimensions: 30 x 10 cm

1 Year Warranty


AMS Design

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