German Good Fortune Hanging Witch 1638


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History of the German Witch

The significance of the Witch in our shop dates back to the mid 13th Century in South-East Germany.  There is a place in the Black Forest, Germany called, “Hexenloch” meaning ‘Witches Hollow. ‘

This place is now a popular Tourist attraction which commemorates the history of the witches there dating back to the Medieval Ages.  The History of Witches in Germany is still remembered today, perhaps more in the form of a Good Luck Souvenir.  Witches are hung in many European homes, in the Kitchen or in the Lounge Room as an item of good luck and fortune.  The witches in our shop are all ‘Good Witches’, that celebrate the cultural traditions and history of the Black Forest in Germany.

These are our largest Witches, with a height of 43cms.

  • Price is for one witch.  Colours may vary.



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