8795-1 Oak Grandfather Clock


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Regensburg Grandfather Clock in Oak Timber

Made in Germany by Schneider-Gehäuse

  • German Kieninger cable driven KSU67 dancer dial movement
  • 3 Chimes: Westminster, St. Michael & Whittington.
  • Automatic Night Off (between 10pm & 7:15am)
  • Auto beat adjustment, maintaining power.
  • Solid Oak timber cabinet.
  • Dancing Figurines, Brass Dial, Brass weights with decorative collars, Inlaid pendulum.
  • Interior lights, secret compartments, drawer.
  • Decorative Glass and Glass shelves
  • Clock Measurements: 212cm x 98cm x 34cm
  • 2 Years Warranty

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Please note, *check photos in gallery to see custom configuration with Dancer Dial and KSU 67 movement.*



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Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 98 × 212 cm

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