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Monasterium Table Clock No. 19

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Monasterium Table Clock No. 19

The Monasterium model with a silver dial is an iron table clock with a large bell. It is regulated by a foliot  movement and is activated by means of a spring. It is made like the Gothic clocks of the 15th century.  This clock is made in a small workshop in Spain by clock makers who work by hand.  


It is a portable, spring-loaded Gothic watch with a steel strap.

It has a vane exhaust system and is regulated by means of a «foliot» (slotted bar with two counterweights). Everything is made by hand and the materials used are exactly the same as those used at the time: iron, bronze, steel and wood.

Please Note:  Only the hour hand appears on this watch, since the minute hand did not exist until after the 15th century.  Like the clocks of the 15th century, this clock is not an accurate timekeeper.

This type of clock, called a “buzzer”, chimes every hour.

The bell of this clock is a very special piece since it is manufactured using a technique in danger of extinction, the notching . The carver’s job is to shape a sheet metal with his own physical strength. Largely, it consists of placing the iron plate held and rotating on a lathe and, with its own physical force, to “carve it”, giving it shape, until the bell is formed.

Dimensions: 41 cm height x 20 cm wide x 18 cm deep.

Made in Spain

2 Years Warranty.

Setting up the iron table clock with bell

1. Wind the watch by always turning the crank counterclockwise, as far as it will go.

2. Place the two counterweights on the «foliot» (grooved bar) so that they are equal distance from the vertical axis of the exhaust.

Regulation of the iron table clock with bell

The clock speed is regulated by varying the position of the two counterweights so that they are always at the same distance from the rocker shaft.

If the watch lags behind, the counterweights will move towards the axis of the foliot symmetrically, from slot to slot, until the clock runs correctly.

If the clock advances, the same operation will be carried out, in the opposite direction, separating the counterweights from the rocker shaft.

To set the clock, the hand will always be turned to the right.


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